Discover the temptation of chillingly delicious dessert wine

Dessertwijn made from later-harvested grapes that have had more time to develop its flavor. The combination with dark chocolate’s deep flavor is a true sensory experience. The BLUE NUN brand of wine is one of Germany’s oldest registered trademarks. Because of its long tradition of winemaking excellence, its wines are now widely consumed across the world. It’s fitting to call the company a “icon.” In 1857, Hermann Sichel established his Mainz winery. The BLUE NUN brand had its beginnings in 1921, when H. Sichel Sohne decided to give the finest wine of the year a new name: BLUE NUN. This label sprang to fame overnight and is now offered at some of London’s most exclusive Michelin-starred eateries. It was rare for the early 1930s for at least a thousand boxes of the same brand to be sent to the United Kingdom. This wine’s fame around the globe continues to this day. The current BLUE NUN was established in 1995 by Sichel and Langguth. Quality of production is stressed. The most cutting-edge methods are consistently used to enhance this wine’s quality. The wine’s taste has gotten a touch sharper and it has become a touch drier with time. In recognition of BLUE NUN’s dedication to quality and the pursuit of constant advancement, the predicate “Qualitatswein” has been bestowed upon the winery.

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