For Those Who Love Beauty

Our research and data management team at CloverClap collects and evaluates industry data to assist professionals in making data-driven choices that significantly increase their income. Hair stylists and cosmeticians are assisted by CoverClap in repositioning themselves and reaching new clients around Montreal via a well-planned collaborative strategy. Although CoverClap gives Montreal beauticians a platform, it is not accessible to just any beautician. We put the needs of our clients first since we have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and disappointments that many Montrealers have while looking for the ideal hair stylist. As a result, we check whether or not beauticians who want to be featured on the site comply with or pass CoverClap’s 30 inspection requirements. For an on-site examination, we go to companies that fit these requirements. Ultimately, Montreal’s top independent beauty experts are all we have left. With a superior network of hair stylists and cosmeticians from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, CoverClap is well-versed in the nuances, skill sets, and procedures required to provide top-notch services for its target clients. More significantly, our connections with the industry experts in beauty enable us to provide our clients with the highest caliber services. Regardless of your gender, age, or ethnicity, CoverClap is your one-stop shop for anything you could possibly need from Montreal’s beauty industry. We are also always improving to continue providing you with the best possible service.

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